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    martinique time heals martinique

    It's true they say that time will heal
    The pain that cut, so deep, so real
    In bed, at home and once again
    I long to forget this hurt, this pain

    I find it hard to grasp the fact 
    That when in love we had a pact
    Unspoken, spoken, loud and clear
    I thought I'd never need to fear

    This man who held himself so high 
    Would find it just so easy to lie
    A deals a deal from where I stand
    Particularly when standing hand in hand

    Easy for me as faithful and loyal
    Loving my man was a joy, never toil  
    One love, one life, his words were true
    He loved me dearly, but I never knew

    A man so full of what was right
    Was full of words but quick to blight
    Those around, inferior or wrong
    "No need to mix, together we're strong"

    If promised and told your love is pure
    By the man you're with, you'd believe for sure
    Integrity, honour his self love strong
    So how does this talker get things so wrong?

    Words are cheap from such a man
    "Quick, run a mile, as fast as you can"
    Family, friends and others warn
    "Please don't get caught up in his nasty storm"

    A man who lies to my face for years
    Still managed to bring me close to tears
    I had a dream and though of him
    There with me, through thick and thin

    There's only so much my soul could bare
    But wasting good life, I wouldn't dare
    I love so deeply, yes I do
    But when that light of day shows through

    Loving is one thing, forgiveness as well
    But years of betrayal, quite a story to tell
    A life so shallow he really has lost
    A good woman who loved him, what an almighty cost

    So quick to criticise those around
    Offending and bringing us all to the ground
    He really should take a good look within
    A church going Christian, compounding his sin

    "No one is perfect" I hear you say
    But speak the truth throughout your day
    Be humble, be honest, be kind and be true
    It's not that hard and you'll benefit too.