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    martinique my man martinique

    i tell myself i'm better than this, as all my life i know 
    i'm a girl whose got the biggest heart, so why'd it get so low?
    i give my heart so generously, each & every time
    for me this comes so naturally, getting hurt should be a crime
    i've loved my man forever, have held him in high esteem 
    through challenges, knocks & failures still, how can he be so mean
    to criticise & ridicule, to personally attack
    he's had the hardest time of late, "be nice," i cut him slack
    it's all ok he talks to me, although it's been a while
    if i do wrong, he shuts right down, & runs a million mile
    he's talking to me once again, he's back, the man i love
    he's funny, oh so clever, that charm fits like a glove
    i love this man to pieces, together we're a team
    talk about perfection, we're in each others dreams
    we love to swim, we love to laugh, we love design & art
    from fishing, sailing, training hard, we hate to be apart
    we finish each others sentences, it's funny how we think
    reassuring is an understatement, it's kept us from the brink
    to love a man who seems to be, perfect in every way
    fills one's heart with strength & joy, one could only pray
    this is a love, t’will always shine, bright for all to see
    although for both my love & i, this love is dear to thee
    but wait, what's happened, there's something wrong, i see it in his eyes
    but what to do when love has found, a strange unwelcome disguise
    this love of mine, this love i cherish, is looking for a flaw
    and yet i'm only human, who am i not to abhor   
    i understand his expectations, they're those i hold dear too
    so why from him to me they're horrid, reversed i'd a different view
    this heart of mine is such a kind that when you love, you love
    i love this man in such a way, i ache, can't get enough
    it's not about the good times, it's not about the bad
    it's all about what's in between & what you share, you've had
    i love my man today, no matter what he's done 
    but sadly for this man i find, he's quick to fire the gun
    he takes his aim, he fires his words, his words are cruel & mean
    what point is there in belittling a soul, i've now become so lean

    i love this man, he's in his cave, he does not say a word
    my heart aches so, i crave my mate, to me it's all absurd
    one minute fine, the next i find, i don't know who he is
    i give him space, yet all the while, i only want a kiss
    i love this man, but how long till, i say enough 's enough
    i guess it'll take, the time it takes, to get me feeling tough
    i love this man i see the good, that's all i chose to see
    i'm with my man forever, what will be, i guess, will be