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    martinique 'the human condition' necklace

    1. a grungy piece with a classic urban edge
    2. skulls with style  
    3. each skull has been meticulously carved by hand
    4. deer antler used
    5. using a 300 year old design
    6. passed down through generations of family carvers
    7. miniature solid brass key attached
    8. simple & stylish conversational piece
    9. one size
    10. l 33.5cm
    11. l 2.5cm pendant
    12. w 1.5cm pendant  
    13. due to the hand carved & natural nature of this pendant, size as well colour may vary slightly
    14. antler bone
    15. pls note deer naturally shed their antlers

    Category: bone, brass, cream

    Type: Jewellery

    Vendor: martiniqueislandstyle



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