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    martinique step... it up!


    Posted on July 01, 2015 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 126 Comments

    this is a love story, and unlike some, this love affair will last.

    although a relationship that is very much one sided, from where martinique island style stands we have always had a thing for, wait for it... steps! yes that's right steps, stairs, whatever you prefer to call them, we love them. we love steps! steps are cool. obviously some are cooler than others but whether timber, concrete, old or new, covered with moss or covered with water in a villa pool, this love affair has longevity written all over it. as long as there will be steps, we will be finding something to love about them that's for sure. so take a look at what we've found & photographed so far. we hope you love them too.

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    martinique words to live by… inspiration


    Posted on April 01, 2015 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 0 Comments

    inspiration comes in many forms...

    for us here at martinique island style, for now, inspiration comes in the form of words. some of which we will share with you at regular intervals throughout the coming weeks, months & years, in the hope that maybe you too may find something that just might get you thinking, stir you to be different, maybe even get you doing something that you never thought possible nor believed you had in you. Let us help you even ever so slightly, with just a gentle push in a cool, new, positive direction. all that's required from you is that you read on, take it in, believe the words to be relevent & true, so that you can then swell with confidence & get out there to have a go. You never know if you don't have that go...

    so stay tuned, as under our "blog" section which continues to have new posts updated regularly, is our all new "inspiration" drop down box. this will offer regular inspiration to make you smile, & maybe even help you grow. who amongst us doesn't want to be the best version of ourselves possible? "not me" i hear you say! the greater majority of us are always keen to read, learn & grow.

    we hope that you like what we are doing & we also hope that it does nothing other than help to inspire you to think big, believe, dig deep & just go for it!

    much love to you always, and remember, you make your own luck in this world alot of the time so turn the inspo into action. so in saying that, now it is ok to say - good luck! x

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    martinique do you believe in love?


    Posted on February 14, 2015 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 4 Comments

    it's valentines day... in saying that, historically we've been such romantics here at martinique island style as well as quite idealistic in regards to coupling and to love itself. so what we are about to say and put forward to you all, may almost appear to be a bit of a contradiction.

    this article has come along and although not so new, it is poignant and relevant to the present. a touch dark in part, some may even use the term morbid, yet it's portrayal of love is at least honest and fundamentally true given our experience in this field to date... it hit a nerve.

    love begins with us digging deep within, and no matter our flaws, love begins with us loving ourselves first and foremost. we then believe, and in all honesty, that the rest will fall into place. whether single or in a relationship, we will be happier if we apply the philosophy of this written piece posted below, to our lives. well that's what we think anyway.

    our belief here at martinique island style, is to see yourself as the rich, plump, beautiful cake and if there may be a relationship for you in there somewhere, well this should be seen as the icing. some call it the cherry on top. we believe that you should be whole and fullfilled first and foremost, as this will only prove to be a positive for you no matter what your relationship status may be.

    given it is martinique island style's way to always see the beauty in absolutely everything, everywhere, and at all times, even we thought this piece relevent and true. maybe you will too. take a look... and let us know what you think.

    so, in saying this... happy valentines day lovers. oh, and don't forget to get out there and buy yourself that valentines treat that you've always wanted. after all you're in love remember, today, tomorrow and forever and ever... happily ever after in fact - with you! you are beautiful. don't you forget it. mwah x

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    martinique a gorgeous way to start the day, my way... port douglas style


    Posted on February 01, 2015 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 1 Comment

    are you a morning person?

    what if your mornings could include spectacular sunrises, warm fragrant tropical air, sandy feet & salty hair? add to that having all of this unfold on a breathtakingly beautiful beach, perfectly lined with palm trees & coconuts?

    "well"... i hear you say, you just might learn to be a morning person. 

    with the best of mother nature right there at our front door, embracing each new day for martinique island style is pure joy. so, read on & take a look at a gorgeous was to start the day, my way... port douglas style. 

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    martinique loving right now... the frangipani


    Posted on December 01, 2014 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 1 Comment

    a simple flower with quite a story... the frangipani is a bit of a favourite to us here at martinique island style and we're guessing it could be a favourite of yours too. this being the case, you're in the right place to delve a little bit deeper into this most beautiful and ever popular flower. so... inhale, read on & enjoy!

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    martinique our 4 beautiful 'themes'… as poems


    Posted on June 08, 2014 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 3 Comments

    funny how things come to you in the middle of the night… martinique island style has come up with four heady poems that will take you on an exotic journey to far off lands - 'caribbean breeze' 'african luxe' 'nomad spirit' & 'vintage treasures'. read on & discover how this unique approach to online shopping evolved. we can garantee that it's cheaper than a plane ticket, and almost as much fun... hope you enjoy the journey!

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    martinique vintage milk bottles make the cutest vases… #styletip


    Posted on April 01, 2014 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 6 Comments

    there's that old world charm attached to a shabby glass milk bottle, or any old glass bottle for that matter, making them totally irresistable, loved & held dear. reminiscent of days gone by, the good old days, the carefree & happy days. so much has changed since our time spent in the schoolyard, one of which is our more contempoary application of these pre loved bottles these days. it is with great enthusiasm that martinique island style now sources these & other vintage glass bottles for our own purpose & pleasure, as well as to share onsite, and we are overjoyed when successful, getting to add to our collection. take a look at a bunch of gorgeous ways to use the humble milk bottle with #styletips galore. enjoy!

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