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    Posted on February 01, 2015 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 2 Comments

    these days, given that i are living in far north queensland in what i, and many others call paradise, early morning beach walks have become my physical, mental and spiritual mantra. my activity of choice when it comes to welcoming in each new day.

    as i see it, each day is a true blessing. so upon opening my eyes and being mindful of this belief that i hold so dear, it is with enormous appreciation and a grateful heart that i then begin to rise. although realistically slow in these early stages of waking, zealous enthusiasm soon follows, as i see each morning bringing with it new beginnings and endless possibilities. it's a chance to hit the 'refresh' button, allowing me the opportunity to start anew and to cleanse. i see it as a mini rebirth in a sense. anyway, whatever the degree of the interpretation, i see it as a wonderful opportunity to start a new day... a new way, to say the least.

    looking forward to my mornings, i embrace these with much excitement as what follows i believe is truly beautiful. it is with each new day that i get to see, breath in and soak up all of this abundant natural beauty that exists here in port douglas, which is located on the east coast in far north queensland, australia.

    once i'm upon the sand and with the ocean at my feet, i stand facing the horizon. like clockwork the sun is rising at my front. i pay homage to the fact that i am here, and that i get to enjoy another wonderful day. a day that i have no doubt will be filled with blessings. time is a luxury and i have been granted more time... the opportunity to enjoy another day. i am lucky!

    starting my mornings in this way quite literally fuels my mind, body and spirit for the day ahead. with the rising of the sun, so too do my spirits, as i embark on this morning ritual of walking along the edge of the coral sea, and then getting to bathe in this lifeforce, before turning for home. as i see it i am off to a wonderful start.
    living as i do opposite the beach in beautiful port douglas, i watch as people visit from all around the world, paying lots of money for this same opportunity of getting to experience and enjoy this dream location & lifestyle. there is a very big difference however between these tourists and myself, with the major difference being that these travellers actually have to pack up their belongings a short time later, and leave. admittedly taking with them many wonderful memories, they also tell me that they leave with regret having been spellbound by the magic of port douglas. i too am spellbound, however i on the otherhand do not have to leave. i get to call this little piece of paradise my home. my bags are unpacked, and that's the way they are staying. i love it here and for me, i am home.

    i've often thought it a clever scenario, and one that I would well relate to, if it were possible to actually create a life where really it was pretty much as good as it gets. a life that was so good, that i didn't really ever need to take a holiday from. so in saying this, for me, i think port douglas could well be this so called very "clever scenario".

    so it was, that just over a year ago i was probably at a point for the first time ever in my adult life where i could actually stop and think... what about me? what did i want? where did i want to be and with whom? i gave this some thought. a lot of thought. with so many endless possibilities out there for the taking, those with a warm tropical climate were always going to be at the top of my wish list. with the ever steadfast love, support and encouragement from my family and friends, the decision to "go for it" was made easy. port douglas it was.

    no matter what's going on in my life I have fortunately always woken with a happy head, which supports a good attitude to embrace the new day with a smile, and to get on with things as best I can. i am also a great believer in being grateful. fortunately for me, this positive outlook and approach to life has always been with me, having been told many times by my adoring parents that I was always that kid, you know the one - the happy kid. well that was me.

    having had people all my life stop & say, "I want what you're on", believe me, i don't take this happy head stuff for granted, i really don't. given this is an innate quality which therefore comes naturally to me, I am incredibly grateful for this blessing. call it luck, call it a gift, call it whatever you like... i never take it for granted. giving thanks for this blessing daily as i do makes me even more aware that so many others are not so lucky. I guess that's one of the reasons why I just try to go that little bit further to be kind to others. and yes, sometimes i've been taken advantage of, nonetheless i'm committed in the fact that i am not going to change because others may not be as kind.

    as they say, and as it is also very well documented, many individuals face a battle that we have no idea about. with that in mind I believe we should all aim to be the kindest version of ourselves as possible, no matter where we may find ourselves. i love the saying that tells us that the only time we should be looking down on someone is when we are giving them a hand up. if more of us followed these words, i believe it would be a kinder, safer and nicer world for us all to enjoy.

    also relevent to my mornings, is the fact that i am a water baby. absolutely loving the water as i do and swimming since the age of 24 months it is with great affinity that starting my day near, on, or preferably in the water makes perfect and natural sense to me. so in finding myself now living directly opposite four mile beach is a godsent, and another thing to be grateful for.

    with freshly manicured lawn and copious numbers of palm trees to navigate once leaving home, by the time my feet hit the warm sand, the sun and the tropical air have already warmed my soul.

    the tides are quite dramatic here. never knowing if there'll be a narrow corridor of sand to navigate forward being the case with high tide, where the landside is pretty much covered with fallen coconuts and palm fronds. or on the other hand, if there'll be a wide expanse of up to 150 meters of smooth, hard, glistening sand for me to tread at low tide, adds daily interest. either way, I always walk barefoot and close enough to the warm water to allow its pure, life giving tropical essence to roll back and forth over my now quite tanned feet.

    feeling quite at home, although it's just been over a year since the big move from sydneys eastern suburbs, there's no gym pants, sports bras or runners for me here on four mile beach. my morning uniform is simple and consists of a bikini, sarong and hair high. given we are in the tropics it can quickly reach 25 degrees by 6am, getting close to 35 degrees a few hours later in the warmer months. sunglasses are mandatory, as is a hat if walking a little later. sunblock is stored with the multitude of rubber thongs in a basket at the back door and is sprayed on each morning when heading out.

    you only need to look at these photos to understand & therefore appreciate why this is such a beautiful part of my day. add to this the fact that all of this incredible natural beauty is literally only a stones throw away, quite honestly reinforces my belief that it would be a sin not to embrace the morning in the manner in which i do. when it's back in session in the cooler months of the year, yoga on the beach will soon join my morning repertoire also.

    in stark contrast, alternate sydney mornings started at 5am where i was quite literally on the treadmill. staring at a reflection of myself and my favourite trainer frankie in the mirror ahead, my peripheral view was that of gym equipment. needless to say that all of this was transpiring under artificial lighting of course, as there were no sunrises here. although frankie and i knocked out alot of fun together, in all honesty that typical gym environment isn't exactly what i could call inspiring. so frankie, if you can hear me now... i do miss you. i also miss the fun we had where i quite literally tried everything under the sun, actually no, make that, under the artificial lights, that i possibly could to cut short the repitions of those painful exercises. no matter the intensity, or lack there of, we certainly laughed. I will also say this, although unbearable at times, i never once walked out of that gym wishing i hadn't gone. so thank you.

    but honestly, i don't miss that morning grind nor that gym thing either. yes I hear you say that I probably need to step it up a bit with a more balanced and all over body workout with some cardio and weights training as well. and yes, you are probably right, however throwing in a 1km swim every couple of days or so as I do, I think I'm doing ok just for the minute. i'm happy, i'm doing what i love & i feel good.

    let me just say this... what with the warm tropical waters of the coral sea, the magnificent sunrises, the sweet heady smell of frangipani, the freedom & comfort of a bikini, natural lighting overhead & bare skin underfoot.. well this just kind of does it for me. mother nature is my number one inspiration and she sure is turning it on right now. needless to say... i'm just loving my mornings.

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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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    love it!

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