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    martinique loving right now... the frangipani


    Posted on December 01, 2014 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 1 Comment

    Those of you who are familiar with martinique island style and our regular instagram and facebook feeds, will not be at all surprised to read the following...

    the frangipani is our all time favourite flower!

    To us here at martinique island style it symbolises all that is natural, pure, uplifting and beautiful. It makes us happy. Once again mother nature has excelled herself creating a flower that is simply put... just perfect!

    Visually the frangipani is a pretty flower, with blooms from red through pink, yellow to white. With a fragrance that is heady and exotic. To many of us it symbolises summer holidays and freedom, as well as that casual, carefree island life we all love so much.

    Named after the 17th Century French botanist Charles Plumeria, and more commonly known as the Frangipani, it is not surprising that Plumeria is the key ingredient in martinique island styles all time favourite incense, nag champa. This Plumeria fragrance combined with sandlewood, forms the basis of this intense and intoxicating Indian blend which fills our home and work space daily and is loved and commented on by all who visit.

    Native to Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean and South America as far south as Brazil, the frangipani can also be found in many tropical and sub-tropical regions throughout the world.

    A gorgeous fact about the frangipani is that in several Pacific Islands such as Tahiti, Fiji, Samoa, Hawaii, New Zealand, Tonga and the Cook Islands, the flowers are used to make leis and are often presented as welcome gifts. In Southern India these garlands are exchanged between the bride and groom in their wedding ceremony. White flowers, never red are used on this occasion. also, Balinese Hindus use the flowers in their temple offerings.

    Did you know - that the frangipani is more fragrant at night? This is to lure the sphinx moths to pollinate.

    Another frangipani fact and one that from a young child I have always found both fascinating as well as entertaining, was how women can wear the individual frangipani flower to indicate their relationship status. If worn over the right ear - she is looking, if worn over the left - well, she is off the market.

    A simple flower with quite a story, but the bottom line is this… we love, have always loved and will forever more love... the frangipani. It is a flower that just makes us smile. So, that being said - that is good enough for us!


      #styletip - frangipanis float too!

      so try this at home

      get the look - using martinique island styles gorgeous vintage inspired industrial bowl 




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      December 06, 2014

      i just saw this on your website and have to agree as the frangipani is my favourite flower too. a beautiful post, thank you.

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