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    Posted on April 01, 2015 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 0 Comments

    inspiration comes in many forms...
    we may well be inspired by others, be it family, friend or even foe. 
    pillars in society, or possibly, or should i be saying, most probably,
    by the elderly woman who so proudly passed you that peony rose from her much tendered garden this morning 
    handing it to you over her well weathered white picket fence, 
    as you ran on by. 
    you, once again, racing to catch that morning bus to work as you do. 
    day in, day out. 
    you think for a split second, pondering only briefly just how contrasting your two days ahead will be. 
    hers with a whole day yet to fill. 
    yours already filled & with not a minute left to spare, 
    and barely even a minute to lift your head & look her in the eyes to say - 
    thank you.
    inspiration to "stop & smell the roses" one could say? 
    or another take on this might be the complete antithesis whereby being inspired & more committed than ever 
    to strive to cram as much in as you possibly can now, 
    while you're energetic & young enough 
    so that regret isn't ever going to play any part in your so called 
    long days ahead,
    when you are in fact much older, such as she?
    we may well be inspired by joy, by challenges, by heartache & sorrow. 
    we may be inspired as a result of success, and quite possibly we may even be inspired by failure. 
    with adversity a harsh but worthy teacher, a blow such as this may inspire us to go on, 
    to maybe do things differently, to push harder, but to never give up.
    many of us oddly enough are inspired by those we meet along the way who do us wrong.
    this setting an example of what we do not admire, nor respect, nor wish to ever emulate, 
    therefore inspiring us to be better & nothing like this ourselves. 
    we learn the hard way but this in itself should be seen as inspiring, allowing us an opportunity
    to turn this negativity into positivity,
    and should be seen for what it is, a wonderful and an admirable turnaround of energy.
    the old saying, "turn the lemon into lemonade", or even better,
    "turn the lemon into margarita" is a good one in this case.
    another form of inspiration may be that of art, design or may well be that of architecture. 
    we may be inspired by necessity, by need or maybe we may well be inspired by the best of mother nature, or then again, by her worst.
    these days we may even be inspired by an iPhone app, the harmony or the lyrics of a song, new or old.
    even wondering about so many inspirational influences in itself
    is inspiring, to say the least.
    what we then do with this inspiration varies enormously too.
    it may just sit in our head as a thought, or it may actually be enough to get us moving 
    and to put something into action. 
    one thing we do know for sure, that with so many forms of inspiration out there for the taking
    there's no doubt that we are all inspired by one or any number of these,
    with the combinations of what inspires each & every one of us varying enormously too.
    inspiration for us here at martinique island style, for now - is words.
    some of which we will share with you at regular intervals throughout the coming weeks, months & years,
    in the hope that maybe you too may find something that just might interest you too, 
    get you thinking, or maybe even get you doing. 
    so go on... take a look below. 
    there may even be something inspiring in there, somewhere, for you too.

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