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    martinique our 4 beautiful 'themes'… as poems


    Posted on June 08, 2014 by MARTINIQUE ISLAND STYLE | 3 Comments

    funny how things come to you in the middle of the night… 

    late, & on this particular friday evening, i just couldn't sleep.

    for me, not being able to sleep was unusual, a rare occurance, as for me, sleep is welcomed, embraced & relished. so this really was an unusual night. 

    so, as i lay there in my very comfy bed, all the while with a very busy head, i came up with a thought. 

    at this point in time martinique island style has 4 beautiful 'themes', being 'caribbean breeze' 'african luxe' 'nomad spirit' & 'vintage treasures'the thought that i had was this...

    obviously i knew that there were 4 themes within martinique island style, as did i also know how our themes integrated into the rest of the site, their relevance, as well as their beauty & value, but, in saying all of this, even the most discerning online browser… did they? did they understand our 'themes'? how they fitted into the site? did they know this? did anyone?

    let's go back a step… 

    how it works is like this... once each product is initially grouped into the appropriate 'shopping category', & as you know this ranges from homewares, bags, boots, jewellery, clothing & so on, it is then 'tagged' & placed into the appropriate 'theme' that it best suits.

    for example. our aqua cotton paisley beach towels are perfectly suited to the 'caribbean breeze' theme while our zebra inspired fur boots are best to sit in our 'african luxe' theme, & so on.

    this then makes things interesting & fun, offering the shopper a choice to view not only by the standard 'shopping category' option, but also by this 'theme' option.

    it's quite cool how that within each of our 4 'themes', there is an obvious thread of similarity between the pieces, whether it be colour, texture or character, or whether it be by a simple feeling one gets, a trigger of a memory, or a desire for that time, place or journey once taken or a journey still hoping to take.

    our 'themes' offer an opportunity for you to immerse yourself, maybe even escape to a differnet place, albeit just for a short while. 

    anyway, it is fun!

    enter into my head, the 4 poems below. hoping that these poems can help to take you to this special place, a beautiful place, where all of its products come alive.

    our bags are more than just bags, & our boots are more than just boots… there is a story to tell & we hope that through these poems, and illustrations, that you too are swept away to your favourite places, far & wide.


      caribbean breeze *
      the palm trees sway & the air is warm
      the breeze is gentle, yet the frangipani strong
      you're kissed by the sun you're caressed by the waves
      with sand in your toes, it's a feeling you'll save
      a heart full of love & a smile on your face
      you're happy in knowing, there's no better a place
      this is caribbean breeze... the island life
      barefoot luxury

      african luxe *
      the campfire burns, the talk is high
      the colours & textures from the earth to the sky
      there's fur, there's crystal, there's leather, & shell
      elegance a plenty, still inhibitions fell
      strong women & men, proud tradition too
      you stay in a tent with an almighty view
      your heart's beating plenty, as the contrasts are vast
      you're hooked on this culture, it's a feeling that lasts
      this is african luxe… rich tones & textures
      a wild love


      nomad spirit *
      with tassels & fringes & pom poms & more
      the colours are varied, there are colours galore
      the landscape is dry yet the company cool
      your camel is bumpy, but you're soon to your stool
      lush fabrics of silk, spill this way and that
      it's a home that is welcome, a home on a mat
      rich incense & oils fill the air that you breathe
      with the desert so tiring, it's a welcome relieve
      as the journey continues, with tapestries rich
      exotic, intoxicating, it just can't be ditched
      this is nomad spirit… search, believe, discover, enjoy
      move on, then do it all over again
      it's a colourful, heady life

      flea markets, sales, garages too 
      funny how treasures, were just bid adieu
      look this way, look that way, look far and look wide
      up early, bed late, for that trophy or slide
      so love while you hold dear, & cherish your jewel
      as you'll find that as always, you'll abide by this rule
      a treasure is loved by many who find
      through circumstance & time, can get left behind
      the circle of life is a story well known
      running true with our treasures, as they're only on loan
      this is vintage treasures… that pre-loved piece from days gone by
      with a story to tell, until you too… may sell

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      3 Responses


      June 15, 2014

      i have just discovered your website & blog and think that your website is absolutely beautiful. well done martinique island style. i am also following you on instagram and really love the quality & variety of your photographs. i am now such a fan!


      June 11, 2014

      i have been following your site since it began and just love everything about it. i live in sweden and have loved everything australian for a very long time. also, i just want you to know that i have placed another order with you tonight and can’t wait to get my things, i know they will be beautiful as always. i’m now loving your blog & love this one about your shopping themes, and how the poems describing them came to you in the middle of the night. the poems are gorgeous! thanks again martinique island style.


      June 11, 2014

      i am loving shopping by your themes as this way i keep the syle consistent in my home which is important to me & my overall look. and now these poems, i love too! they are beautiful. sometimes my best ideas come to me in the middle of the night too. love your site. please keep it coming x

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